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In the modern Greek language, Meraki refers to putting a piece of yourself that you love into your work. To us at Meraki Shots, this ideal serves as a guiding principle. We put our passion for professional perfection and our love of artistic expression into every job. These twin commitments elevate our work over what has grown into a highly competitive field.

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Why Major Companies Love To Work With Us

We take pride in our excellent track record of work with major corporations. While Meraki Shots provides the same high standard of service to every customer, major corporations are used to, and expect, the best that a company like ours can offer. Our frequent and repeat business with corporations proves that others recognize our standard of excellence. They continually use our work to promote their business endeavors and products.And we bring that same commitment to each and every client.Your satisfaction is our bottom line.


Our Passion is Videography and It Shows

Meraki Shots proudly serves a wide range of clients and customers throughout the Hudson Valley region.  Our team brings experience and artistic talent to every shoot, ensuring that you will receive top quality work that will make the desired impact. A Rare Convergence of Professionalism and Artistry, our team has years of combined experience. This ensures our clients that each finished piece of work will reflect application of the proper professional fundamentals. We also make sure that all who work on our creative team have the ability and the freedom to use their artistic abilities to add depth to every video or still shot. Meraki Shots combine the best professional standards with a highly talented team of artists, elevating our work above that of our competitors and ensuring that our customers continue to come back.


Serving All of Your Video Needs


Making a Film

The video team from Meraki Shots can direct, film, and edit top quality video work for you or your organization. From weddings to commercials to corporate trainings, we know how to stage a work to create the maximum desired impact.We have established a strong track record of success and customer satisfaction creating videos that remain memorable for a wide variety of clients.


Did You Say Drones?

Aerial photography creates a powerful impression and dramatic results – when undertaken by experienced professionals with an artistic eye. Rely on our experienced and talented team of drone operators, photographers, and videographers to create your next drone based imagery.


Getting the perfect shot

Still photographs capture moments that tell stories. Meraki Shots photographers combine years of experience with recognized artistic talent that will produce images guaranteed to have an impact. We proudly serve a wide variety of customers from newly engaged couples to major corporations. Come and see why our work consistently rises above the competition.

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Why Other Services Cannot Compare

Many in the photography and video business bring a wealth of professional experience to a job. They have performed so many shoots that they cover the expected fundamentals, but leave out emotion, producing clinical and almost sterile final products. Others bring a true appreciation of heart, emotion, and artistry, but do not have the experience to produce works that meet professional standards.

Between these two extremes lies Meraki Shots. Our work represents a convergence of professionalism and artistry that meets every aesthetic standard without omitting the beauty, emotion, and heart that makes so many photographs, videos, and other images unforgettable.
It takes extra time to recognize the best shot, to make sure that each participant takes the right pose, and to capture the moment as perfectly as possible. We take the time and effort to produce the best possible work out of dedication to both customer service and also our art.

Check out our work in photography, video production, and other fields to see why Meraki Shots is your best choice to capture your favorite moments. From individuals to major corporations, see why our customers seek out our services time and time again.

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Reach out today to learn more about why Meraki Shots is the superior choice for photography, videography, and drone-based imagery. Our friendly and expert staff are ready to answer any questions or to schedule you an appointment. We promise to respond to any messages from our Contact page fully and promptly.See why Meraki Shots remains the best choice for your imagery needs.

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